This is by far one of my new favorite dishes. If you have not checked out how to make zucchini pasta noodles, you need to check out my review here.  I love this device and probably use it at least once a week.


5 Large Organic Zucchini’s

1 Cup of Cooked Shrimp

7 Jumbo Scallops (These guys can be pricey so I buy mine at Costco)

7 Shitake Organic Mushrooms

1/2 Red Onion

1 Red or Orange Bell Pepper

2 Large Organic Carrots

2 TBS of pesto sauce. You can make your own. Here is a good recipe I use sometimes. I use Costco’s more often than not.

Season with your favorite seasonings. I use salt, pepper, and old bay seasoning.  If I happen to have a bottle of white wine open (well now we all know that is pretty much ALL THE TIME)  I will sometimes add 1/4 cup to the finished sauce just for a great kick in taste. You can also toss in some Parmesan Cheese at the end for some additional flavor if you desire.


Prepare your zucchini by using a spiral slicer.  If you do not have one you could use a mandolin machine, they just will have a different shape to it.

Heat up a large saucepan on medium heat and add your favorite shortening/oil. I used coconut oil but you can use olive oil or butter as well.  Toss in the noodles and give it a few stirs to make sure the zucchinis get an even coat of oil/shortening.

Chop up your scallops into bite size chunks and toss them into the pan. These guys can over cook quickly so keep an eye on them!

Place all of the other ingredients in a food processor and pulse a few times. Next place it all in the pan and toss it together a few times to make sure everything is coated. I use tongs to do this and find they work well.

Last step is to add cooked shrimp, seasonings and wine if desired. Place the lid on the pan and let it create a steamed effect for about 5 minutes. You can cook this dish as little or as much as you like once the scallops are cooked through.  I have done this dish before and just cooked the veggies for 5 minutes and it has a great “al dente” texture and I have also cooked it and then steamed it so the noodles are more moist and tender. Pick your mood.

Once you have the zucchinis cooked to your liking, take them off the heat and add your pesto sauce. Pesto sauce is better when not heated up in my opinion.  Your dish is hot enough and will heat the pesto without any problem.

When plating this dish I would suggest using a slotted spoon so the water and juices do not run all over your plate. The presentation is killer with this dish.

This dish is really yummy and you can truly add whatever you like to make it your own. The zucchini noodles are so much fun to cook with. I would really suggest putting this little device on your holiday list.


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