Zevia Soda Review- Yay or Nay? It is Thirsty Thursday and I want to talk to you about Zevia. Zevia is a so-called “healthier” soda. Honestly, I gave up soda drinking over a decade ago but this last weekend I was in a pickle and Zevia came to my rescue.  My pickle was it was Saturday night, it was super hot and I wanted a refreshing vodka drink.  Mike told me to make it with water or just have it over ice. Can I say Heck No fast enough? I wanted to enjoy my cocktail not shoot it down. Thankfully I had a can of Zevia in my pantry that a neighbor left from our last party. I had totally forgotten about it but was so thrilled it was there.

Zevia’s claim to fame is

    • Zero Calories and
    • Zero Sugar
    • NON GMO Verified
    • No Caramel Color and
    • No Phosphoric Acid

Zevia Soda
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The first thing you will notice when you pour a can of Zevia is that it is clear. They do not use any coloring so it looks like water but taste like soda.

Zevia Soda
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I now have a new favorite weekend Summer drink

1.5 shots of ice-cold vodka ( don’t judge it was a large glass )
1.2 can of Zevia ( Grapefruit Citrus is my fav )
One slice of pineapple or orange
A large glass of ice.

Dump it all in and kick up your feet and enjoy the night

Truth be told this drink is still a little sweet for me. Zevia is sweetened with the stevia herb. This is a natural sweetener that does not raise your blood sugar. It is one of the only sweeteners I use. If you are not used to having any sugar this soda might be too sweet for you as well. Next Saturday I might mix it with some tonic water or Spindrift Lemon or maybe mix the two together.

If you want to learn more about Zevia you can check out their website. They have loads of flavors such as :

  • Black Cherry
  • Caffeine Free Coke
  • Mountain Zevia
  • Cherry Cola and so many more

They have recently rolled out a new product called Zevia Energy. I am not into energy drinks at all so I can not tell you if it is good or bad.  If you have tried it I would love to know what you think. Zevia has recently reached out to me to do a product review for another new item they just came out with called Zevia Mixers. I am super excited about this since the only time I drink soda is when I am having a cocktail. Stay tuned for more info on this product.

You can also get a $2 off coupon if you sign up for their website. If you want to try and locate a store that sells Zevia products you can go here.


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