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Hi readers, I am curious about something and I would love to hear from you. There is no right or wrong answer here. Before I start with a new advising client I ask them “What does FIT mean to you?” The answers vary all the time and I just find all of it fascinating. I love the way we are all unique and beat to our own drums. Remember there is no right or wrong answer here.

So what does Fit mean to you?

For me it has changed a little over the years. I am not sure if it is age, wisdom, getting tired, gaining more knowledge or what lol. I am wondering if it changes for others as well?

Ten years ago it was all about the size of my clothes, and a little bit about nutrition, honestly exercise was not even a thought of mine at this time of life.  5 years ago it was all about nutrition, how I looked in a selfie and obtaining some kick ass muscles.  Today it is ALL about the mind, body, balance and blood tests result thing for me lol. The mind body connection has taken over my desire to fit in a certain size or even looking good in that selfie. My doc laughs at me because I am always saying lets run a test and see how I am doing. I want them all to be green. ( green is optimal, yellow is borderline risk and red is high risk ) I take some pretty deep intense blood tests so I can work on being optimal not that silly in range stuff you get from your average lab.  We use the blood tests to measure where I am doing well and what I could improve on. Perfect would be nice but my goal is always to feel fit and feel groovy. Sometimes a blood test cant measure that nor is it the end all be all answer.  I only take them every six months but they have been such a great learning tool for me as I dive deeper into learning about my health. ( my new project is learning all I can how to heal autoimmune conditions- YES I 100% believe this can happen through lifestyle changes, supplements and other simple tweaks )

I now determine my health by how I feel not how I look. Do not get me wrong I am not saying I don’t want to look good, there is nothing better than feeling swanky in those jeans or yoga pants. How I look is just no longer the factor I use to determine if I am fit. A lot of people my age hide behind hormones as the reason they have gained weight. I have gained weight over the last 3 years and my hormones are changing BUT I am feeling fabulous, my blood tests rock and I feel FIT so – Yippee Skippy right? I get it if you are thinking “No-  not right”  This is where it is so awesome that we all think differently.   I am not saying my way is your way or the right way for everyone. I have clients that are in their 60’s and the #1 thing that motivates them to make a change is fitting in their clothes, it is what motivates them and they feel on top of the world when they pull out that dress and it fits. I have a new client who solely cares about her blood sugars. She does not care how I help her get there, she does not care about her clothes or how much she weighs, she just wants that one test to improve. Her motivating thing is different than another clients motivating thing but what matters is it is HER motivator to feeling good and FIT.

I have a lot of friends that are really into working out and I mean REALLY working out. I use to think they were obsessed and that it was not healthy to workout 3 times a day but then as I pondered the whole what does FIT mean to you question I realized it is THEIR feeling FIT that matters. Let’s be honest they probably think the same thing about me when I chew on salad and meditate all the time lol.

I am fascinated by this question and would really REALLY love to hear your thoughts on what being FIT means to you. Would you hit reply and share ? 🙂

How do you feel in your gut right now? Sometimes just changing a few things can make all the difference in the world.

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