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Hi friends, I am so excited to share with you that I have partnered with Ulta Labs so I can now run lab tests for my clients. By adding in these blood tests I am creating another tool to measure the outcomes of our work together. Most of my clients want to work on weight loss, gain energy, decrease glucose levels and sleep better. Thyroid panels, insulin levels and hormone levels are KEY in these areas. These tests are very affordable.*

Ulta Labs has made this process so easy and my clients are loving how smooth it is to get their blood drawn and have the results read. If you are a current client or want to purchase one of my advising packages then the consultation review fee is completely waived. If you are not a client and just want to have some test run you can still order your lab tests here and if you want to have me provide a consultation review then just make sure you check off that you want to share them with me at checkout. If you do not want a consultation review and just want to know what some of your levels are then you can just order the tests and go to the lab without involving me at all.  I will place the order for all current clients OR you can go here and create your own account and order yours today.

Why would I do this verse go to my regular doc for the labs you ask? Great question and here is why:

  • You can have a test conducted without the hassle or co pay of going to see your doctor.
  • The lab creates a graphic history of your lab results so you can see your progress or where you need to continue working- super easy to read
  • You do not have to beg, cry and plead to have your hormones checked- LOL this happened to me years ago
  • If you are a client of mine we can work in great detail at what tests should be done and monitor them without Dr visits
  • You can take care of your own health TODAY
  • *Some insurance companies will reimburse you- Ulta provides you with a detailed receipt with CPT codes for you to submit. (I can’t guarantee reimbursement- the client takes full responsibility for the test fees)
  • Many people nowadays have a HSA or HRA and you can use these funds to run the tests
  • Many of the tests are cheaper than if you went through your insurance and they are always having sales- so check my site often

Now I do want to clearly state I am not trying to replace your doctor and I have not had any physician training. However I AM trained in nutrition and lifestyle habits and I have HELPED hundreds of clients heal themselves and feel better. I wont look at your results and blow you off. I work with my clients to get the results they deserve.  If you want to take a test that I am not comfortable in reading I will let you know. My goal is to do what I can to guide you to better health through lifestyle changes. If you are seeing a doctor for something you can also take these results in and use them at your regular physician appointment. I have clients that work with me from a natural and holistic level but also see their regular doctor. We can work as a team 🙂

Right now they are running a great 50% special on what they call general health advance.  It is a total of 13 tests and 131 biomarkers.  This is all very exciting to me. Please message me if you have any questions.
Ulta Lab

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