It is time for the Spring Shred Challenge Friends. I am putting together a 30 day challenge for anyone interested in shedding some pounds, gaining some energy and toning up their body for summer. There is a chance to win $500 daily or up to the grand prize of $100,000 along with other cash and prizes. Last year at Summit I met the man that won the $100,000 and it was amazing. You do not have to have a big story, you just have to be willing to share your journey. Check out the link provided and let me know if you are ready to do this. If before the 30 days is up you can tell me you do not feel better and look better than you can return the program for a full refund. I am 100% positive we can do this. I have 2 spots left so message me ASAP. Let’s do this. We start in May. Free t-shirt to all the participants.

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