I love no bake goodies. As you all know our whole family is in love with Shakeology. We love how it taste, we love what is in it, and most of all we love how it makes us feel. Check out this latest recipe. I have not done it with any flavor other than chocolate but I bet you could use vanilla or strawberry too.

Many years ago I was hooked on quest bars and other granola bars.  I really try and stay away from them now a days and just stick to making my own thing. When I wake up in the morning I need just a little something before my AM workout. I often have one of these with my strong cup of coffee before I hit our home gym. I have used sprinkles before to top them off for the kids but normally I just top it off with unsweetened coconut or sliced almonds.


No Bake Skinny Shakeology Brownie

1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
water (varies)
In a small bowl, melt 1 teaspoon coconut oil in the microwave (approx. 10 seconds).
Add 1 scoop chocolate Shakeology to the melted coconut oil and mix. Note that this will be VERY DRY and not mix well.

SLOWLY add water to the Shakeology mixture and continue to mix well. You are trying to reach a dough-like consistency that is slightly dry. You will want your mixture to be a little too dry (almost like play doh). If you add too much water, it will become VERY sticky and you can no longer make the brownie.  (Now remember this is not going to taste like your betty crocker brownie BUT it is going to nourish your body and taste delightful at the same time.  I always tell my clients that when you switch to eating clean, whole foods you must change your mindset of what  food is and what it should taste like. Honest engine if I was to take a bite of a betty crocker brownie right now I would not enjoy it and it would taste fake. Trust the process and give yourself the time to make the adjustment. Change the mindset.)


If your brownie is too wet/sticky, you may freeze the mixture for several hours to create a healthy Shakeology fudge!

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