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7 Day Inward Retreat

This is a wonderful 7 day deep dive. This is a wonderful way to treat yourself and nourish your body, mind and soul. Each day I will guide you through a restorative yoga pose, provide you with 4 plant-based, gluten-free recipes and also share with you a guided meditation. During these 7 days you will treat yourself to some very special “me” time. My hope is to give you some basic tools to help you bring some stillness and nourishment to your day.


7 days



Intro to Yin Yoga

This recorded online course will be an introduction to yin yoga. I will include recorded yin yoga mat (asana) practices, a brief history of yin yoga and why it is so good for you. An introduction to Chinese meridians, and how they work and their emotions tied to them. This introduction course will also have recorded guided meditations to help deepen your practice. This is a course that is appropriate for all fitness levels. Yin yoga is a fantastic study for anyone that wants to gain a little more balance and flexibility. Most of the poses are seated and perfect for all fitness levels.





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Are you looking for some one on one coaching, guidance, support motivation? Let’s work together just you and me.