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Life Style Advising

It is not just about living but more about HOW are you are living. I have tried numerous gimmicks, read countless self development books, taken many workshops and feel like I have spent way too many hours online in courses having “experts” tell me how to be healthy, happy and content with their magic formula. I have learned a great deal from all of the above but what I can clearly and very confidently tell you there is no “magic sauce” and/or “one size fits all” formula out there. The magic happens once you are willing to explore a change in your thinking and your life. It is at this starting point where you can start uncovering the ways in which you can start living a life that is in-line with your own true self.

We all get stuck and confused on how to navigate change. Change is scary, exciting and confusing all at the same time. It is my passion, my pleasure and my goal to help you navigate through all of the distractions and guide you to discover the life you want to create, own and thrive in. It can be done and it can be done in a simple, effective fashion.

There is a lot of noise out there in the world right now. There is so much information at your fingertips that somehow it is starting to work against most people. Let’s work together to navigate through all of the noise so you can tap into your true desires and start making your dreams and goals happen. Together we can put the puzzle pieces together. Isn’t it time you said YES and made yourself a priority? Isn’t it time for a change?

Sometimes a little guidance is all you need. Let’s work together and make things happen.

Weekly Phone Calls

Our first step together will include a detailed intake form where you will have the opportunity to share with me in writing what you would like to accomplish during our month together. It is ok if you are not sure! Sometimes my clients need guidance to find out why they feel stuck. Once I receive your paperwork we will then schedule a 45 minute skype/audio phone call to get to know each other. We will determine some baby goals and then map out directions for the following week. Your month package comes with a weekly 45 minute call to discuss your goals or any other issues that are needing to be worked through. Each call is individualized to your needs.


Each day you will receive a personalized email from me. This email will be pertinent to your baby goals and other projects you might need assistance with for that week. These emails are put in place so you have daily support and guidance to navigate to your goals. The Life Guidance package comes with unlimited email support during office hours.

Book Suggestions

I am a huge believer in personal development. During our first week together, I will make a few personal book suggestions and explain why I am suggesting these titles to you. Past clients have always found these to be beneficial. They are optional and will not be required if you do not want to read them. I can confidently tell you that I think there is a huge benefit to these books.  We will have the opportunity to discuss these books throughout our weekly phone calls and daily emails as needed.


Comprehensive Closing Session

During our last week together I will do my best to answer any lingering questions you might have. During this last session, you will have the opportunity to extend for another month if you feel you could benefit from further guidance. If you feel you have the tools and motivation to continue on without further guidance then that is awesome. I will always be available if you want to re-engage and your file will stay active for 6 months. (please note that any downloads you have received are not guaranteed to be accessible after our sessions have ended. Please make sure to download anything you want to keep before our last session.  My clients are always welcome to email me with any questions after our services together have ended.

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