Do you listen to music when you workout? I am currently doing the 21 Day Fix and because I have done it a few times I do not need to have the volume on to know the exercises. I tried to use Pandora the other day and ended up flinging my phone across the room. It was not a pretty thing and all I can say is thank goodness for the case I had on it. 🙁  I was so frustrated because Mike always listens to music when he works out and it looked like so much fun. I tried putting my phone in my sports bra and that was just gross. I was sweating and it kept sliding out, TMI I know. I don’t have pockets in my workout pants either so I needless to say had a frustrating workout. I wanted to rock out and pump so iron.

After what seemed like the longest 30 minutes of my life ( I had already muted Autumn so I worked out in silence) I marched into my office and started reviewing cordless headphones.  Eghads there were way more than I expects, how did I not know about this technology before?  I did the best I could to pick one that matched my need and checked out. Guess what? Amazon has a new service in San Diego where they deliver the same day?  I had my new headphones within a few hours. How amazing and scary is Amazon? I am almost afraid to look anymore, I am such an impulse buyer this could be darn right scary.  Check out my review on these gems. Here is the link I used to buy them from Amazon.


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