Today I read an article about something that really made me stop and think. The article was focused around the word RESPECT. It is sad but it is a word that I do not hear a lot anymore. Growing up it seems it was a word that was frequently used. It did not matter if it was when you were going to meet your teacher for the first time in grade school, or going to meet your mothers best friend or even going to the shopping mall you were always reminded to be respectful. It always found a way into a conversation. I hope it is still a word often spoken as I think it is a very powerful word. Here is an article from Author Robin Rose. I love it and think it is something that should be on everyones refrigerator.

The Power of Respect

Respect is uniquely essential to all relationships. Why? Our core human needs start with the need to feel safe, and then valued. Treating people (including ourselves) with respect meets both of these core needs. It also reduces anger and fear, while increasing communication and cooperation.

What stops respect?

  • Yelling, exploding
  • Shutting down or withholding needed information
  • Gossiping, maligning, not being loyal to people behind their backs
  • Only one right answer / way – yours!
  • Criticizing, shaming, blaming, putting people down
  • Using a demeaning or snide tone of voice
What demonstrates respect?
  • Listening authentically
  • Choosing language that builds understanding and reduces defensiveness
  • Using approachable body language and tone of voice
  • Dealing with differences openly and optimistically
  • Finding genuine appreciation for the uniqueness of each person
  • Making it easy to have conversations with you

Notice how you treat people you respect. Consider bringing these same behaviors to all of your relationships. Watch your relationships shift, improve and become more satisfying!

Now here is where my thoughts might differ than yours. I do not think respect is a given. I personally believe respect is earned. This way of thinking has worked well for me in my life time. It has allowed me to build relationships that I might have overlooked and it has also given me permission to let go off some toxic ones that were adding no value to my life.  I am thankful that Mike thinks the same way as it has allowed us to share our belief with our children. Granting someone your respect is huge and powerful. It feels so good and serves both sides of the relationship well.

How do you define respect?

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