Raise your hand if you have gained some weight lately!

Yep that is me with my hand up. I so badly want to blame the pandemic but I am so tired of listening to my own bullshit. I gained weight because I got off track. I accept 100% responsibility for the fat puff that is surrounding my tissues. But let’s be real and honest for a bit, I did blame the pandemic for a long long time. I bet some of you reading this can agree you did the same right? But here is why I had to slap myself and put on my big girl panties………… wait for it……………….BECAUSE the pandemic did not control my actions. It is that simple, it was ME that enjoyed those nightly glasses of wine. It was ME that got off track and stopped going into the home gym. It was ME that got out of control with grocery shopping online ( for real I love Instacart and Whole-Foods delivery ) It was ME that kept saying tomorrow I will get back on track and it was ME that freaking just stopped putting the effort in. ME ME ME and only ME.

So now that I know I suck and I am 100% responsible for my weight gain what is next? The first thing is letting go of telling myself I suck :-). I F’ed up, I have done it before and I will probably do it again. I am human but I do know better. So as I pull those big girl ( lol get it, man I crack myself up sometimes ) panties on, I start again.

If you can relate to this, here are some steps I plan to take and I hope they help you as well.

1-The most important thing is to remind myself that I am NOT my weight gain. What I mean by this is that I am a healthy person that loves eating healthy and moving my body. I just need to course correct. Hating on myself and avoiding the mirror does nothing for me getting back on track. Guilt only sabotages success in the end. Guilt and embarrassment truly holds you back. Accept and move the heck on with a plan.

2- I will focus on fueling my body with foods that make me feel good. I will still enjoy a glass or two of wine here and there but I will no longer tell myself the story that “I deserve it because it’s the pandemic and everyone is doing it”. I will also stop randomly shopping online. I will go back to shopping once a week. I am such a sucker for new products and they all add up. I will focus on eating when I am hungry instead of being bored and going into the pantry just cuz.

3- I will stop comparing myself to others. I am not a pant size, number on a scale or a carb count. I am someone that needs to just take one day at a time and know that I was there before and I will be there again. I will continue to remind myself that little steps work and that the shorts will fit again if I stay consistent.

4-I will move my body at least 12K steps a day. I don’t have this goal because some website told me it was the way to lose weight or be healthy I picked this number because I tend to feel badass when I accomplish this each day. It motivates me to not be in front of my computer too long.

5- I will give up my daily ice cream. Just like that glass of wine, I got into a habit of telling myself I deserved a scoop because I worked hard that day. I love low sugar ice cream but let’s be real- it is FREAKING ice cream and does not need to be consumed as much as I have been consuming it.

6- Lastly I will work my ass off being consistent. Like I said before I am not the kinda gal that will go on a 12-day juice cleanse or 24 hour fast or just eat lettuce to drop the weight. Hell yes, I have done this extreme stuff before but it is not sustainable for me. I just need to do what I need to do and jump off the freaking hamster wheel. You get me right? The hamster wheel is a tiring ride and you usually do not get where you need to go.

hamster running in the running wheel isolated on white background

So, if you are still raising your hand, stop the stories and make your own action plan. Forgive yourself, stop worrying about what others might be thinking of you and do what you know you need to do. Tomorrow is a new day and it all starts with the right actions, choices, and newly created habits.

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