Oh yes I did. I just put all of those together to make an Eat Clean, Train Mean, Get Lean and 21 Day Fix treat.  Why go out and buy that stuff that has been processed and has so many not so good for you things added to it. Here is all I did.

I took about 12 squares of Trader Joe’s Pound Plus 72%  Dark Chocolate Bar and melted it over a double broiler. (Make sure not to let your water boil) I also added 1 Tablespoon of Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil   While these two were melting away together I laid out some parchment paper and threw on top of it a variety of nuts and seeds.  I have made this many times and I use whatever I have handy. Today I was out of almonds because Mike made his famous almond butter last night 🙁  I love adding almonds into this mix and when I am feeling really wild and crazy I add dried cranberries. 

Once the chocolate is all melted (It takes about 10 minutes over medium to low heat) I carefully drizzle the chocolate over all the pieces. If I am not doing the 21 Day Fix I sometimes add more chocolate so each piece is covered. You still have to be careful with how much you eat.  The key to making this a healthy eat clean treat is making sure your chocolate is at least 70%. Research has shown that anything lower than that really does not provide you the health benefits we all want.

Next I plop it all into the freezer to set for about 10 minutes.  After it is all set you can break it up and put it into some tupperware or just dig in right away. WARNING!!!!! Dark chocolate melts easily so make sure you have a napkin handy or better yet make sure your hands are clean so you can get every last morsel.

Now how about serving this bowl of eat clean fun at your next party, I bet they would love it.

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