Ok here it is the first of many products to be reviewed from our recent trip to the Natural Food Product Expo West. Seriously I have never been in such awe of so many food ideas in my life. Mike and I were overwhelmed with all the amazing food finds at the Expo. We decided to only go one day this year and boy was that a mistake. We missed a whole showroom floor. Next year we will stay overnight so we are sure to not miss a single thing.

The product I am reviewing today is from Quest Nutrition. This company is most known for their amazing nutrition bars. I did a review of the Oreo cookie Protein bar awhile back. Please check it out if you have not seen it yet.  Back to the pasta review. Ok I will tell you right now there was a difference of opinion between Mike and I. Mike did not care for it where as I did. Mike struggled with the texture of the noodle. I was fine with it and rather enjoyed it.

Quest Pasta is comparable to some other products on the market right now. You might have heard of them. One popular one is called The Miracle Noodle. I will save my thoughts on this noodle for another review. The Quest Pasta noodle is made from purified water and glucomannan (fiber) and calcium hydroxide. You may be saying “Say What?” Let me try and explain to you what exactly those ingredients are in better terms.  Glucomannan is also known as the  Konjac  root. Konjac root has been eaten for hundreds of years in Japan and other Asian countries. Many love Konjac root for its hunger reducing properties. While containing very few calories, the noodles are suppose to leave you full and satisfied!  The reason it leaves you full and satisfied is it is 100% soluble fiber. Calcium Hydroxide is a colorless crystal often called limewater that is added to foods for various reasons. Honestly the science behind it kind of confused me but you can check out the link for a better understanding. Heck this is a food review not a science lesson right?

The first thing you want to notice is that this noodle really and truly looks like a fettuccine noodle. I believe in the power of the mind big time as you all know. If it looks like a noodle then my mind tells my stomach it is going to taste like a noodle. Because this noodle is soaked in alkalinized water the first thing I did after opening this package  up was rinse it for about 2 minutes under running water. If you do not then it will have a very fishy taste and in my opinion that is not a good taste. The next thing I did was stir fry some broccoli slaw, Trader Joes organic slaw is the best.


Next I added in some sliced veggies. garlic and other seasonings. You can use whatever you have handy. Once my veggies were sautéed to my liking I added the Quest Pasta into the pan and stir fried them for about 5 minutes. The last thing I did was add in some chicken meatballs for Mike. This dish is very hearty and is perfect for the vegetarian lover as well.

So overall I would say that this is a product I would buy again. It was a very healthy, very low calorie meal filled with a tremendous amount of fiber and other nutrients. I love the way the pasta added volume to my vegetables. In addition I think the spinach flavored pasta noodles looked beautiful on the plate. In regards to Mike’s comment about the texture, I do see what he was speaking about. His words were slimy. I guess since I cooked it I was aware of this texture so it was not a surprise to me. The texture did not bother me at all. In regards to taste, it was basically tasteless. Is this a good thing? Hard to say I  guess, but for me it was very filling and the flavors of the vegetables really added to the dish.  I like the idea that I was able to eat a lot of food, feel full and not have killed my calorie allottment in one meal. This pasta carries a great price point to each package as well. As of today they are $3.19 per package. Each package has 2 servings.

This is a new food find for Quest Nutrition so as of today you can not find it at any local store. If you are interested in purchasing it you would want to go here. Soon the vitamin shops all over will be carrying it as well as Amazon.

Please message me if you have any questions about this product.


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