Ok you all know that I do not eat a lot of pre packaged foods but let’s be honest. Sometimes we need to have some “go-to” items when we are in a hurry right? Well being gluten-free, grain-free sometimes makes that a challenge so I am always looking for some new items to add to my “go-to” box. Today I tried the new Quest Cookies & Creme Protein Bar and I wanted to give you my thoughts.

If I had to rate this bar I would probably give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The bars are a little pricey if you buy them individual at the local health food store. The one I purchased was $4.25. This is a lot more than I would normally pay but I was super curious how it was going to taste and did not want to wait for Amazon to deliver it. On Amazon you can buy a package of 12 and it will bring the cost of the bars to $2.33 which is much more reasonable in my mind.

In regards to texture the bars were great. They were super fresh and had a great cookie taste. I love that you can still get a good cookie taste that is gluten free. You can see in the picture above there are some good size cookie chunks in these bars. 🙂 The chocolate was tasty and did not taste like that fake coating you sometimes get with bars. The bars are a good size so you fee like you are getting your money’s worth. Now, the only thing I will say I did not like about these bars is there is a little bit of an after taste. I have had some of the other Quest bar flavors and I enjoy them but they also have a funny after taste. They must have done some reformulating when they created this flavor because the after taste is very minimal.  I might even be psyching myself out thinking it was there when it wasn’t just because  I know the others have it.

In regards to the nutritional value of the bars they fit my requirements. I think there is a good balance of ingredients. I cannot stand the way some companies jam 30 grams of protein in a bar. Most times, it tastes like you are eating a brick. Why waste the calories or your money on products like that? I think bars should always be used as quick “go-to” items and never meal replacements so you do not need to add 30 grams of protein. (This is just my opinion, you might feel different and it’s ok:-)

One thing I discovered about these bars is that the internet is flooded with beautiful looking desserts you can make with them.  Check this page out to see all the awesome desserts they have created. There are a few here that I am for sure going to have to try out.  So in a nut shell I would say these are a great choice of bars,  BUT they are not something I would eat everyday. I prefer to make my own bars. I do like them as they are a great gluten free, grain free option and they will be added to my “go-to” box.

How do you feel in your gut right now? Sometimes just changing a few things can make all the difference in the world.

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