A few months ago Mike and I went to the San Diego Gluten Free fair and had the opportunity to try out all the new latest and greatest gluten free finds. Needless to say I was in heaven walking those conference room halls and needless to say I think I gained 2 pounds just from the samples alone.  It was all worth it. The best take away for me from the show was Carla Lee’s Nut Taco’s made by The Nut Burger Co.

These taco’s were just delightful and I wanted to take boxes and boxes home with me. Thankfully I did not need to as I soon discovered that they can be purchased at our local Whole Foods Market.   If you do not have a Whole Foods near you, check out this link to see where else you can find their products.

The Nut Tacos come frozen,  completely assembled and ready for reheating. There are 8 taco’s in a box and the serving size is 4 each. This might seem like a lot but they are actually mini taco’s so we had no issue finishing them all up.  Here is the nutrition breakdown for these little bites of delight.

These taco’s are 100% vegan and non-gmo. The ingredients are so simple you will be thinking” Why did I not think of that?”   Here are the ingredients:  brown rice, carrot juice, sunflower seeds, cashews, organic coconut amino acids, organic coconut SAP and sea salt. (less than 2% of organic rich high olec sunflower oil, organic spices and sea salt.  The corn tortillas are made from stone ground organic fresh corn ground, organic fresh corn masa, water, organic guar gum and a trace of lime.

Honestly these taste amazing and I would not have even noticed they were not made with meat. I am not saying that is a good or bad thing just an observation 🙂  The spices they use do give it a little bit of a kick but in a good way. I cooked them in our toaster oven for about 8 minutes, then added a small amount of salsa and sliced avocado to dress them up a bit. They truly were delicious.

These would be a great appetizer dish to bring to your next party. They are a little expensive I think. I paid $7.25 for the box at whole foods. I am sure if you purchased them from anywhere else they would be a little less expensive as Whole Foods is very pricey in my opinion.

The Nut Company also has a few other products that I am anxious to try. I am most excited about trying the Thai Coconut Burger next. The company has an amazing story behind it and they truly are one of the good guys. They are a small based business that wants to provide us with a good  healthy alternative while helping our planet along the way. I am all for supporting these types of businesses.

I think this is one worth trying friends.

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