I know I know you are thinking have you lost your mind Judy? I might have but I hope not. Here is the ddeal friends, over the last few months I have gained some poundage and I am so not ok with that. I work way too hard with my clean diet and my time in the gym to gain weight. A little hear and there I am cool with but the other day I put on a pair of yoga pants and they were tight. YOGA PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a lot of swearing, and pouting to Mike we both came to the conclusion it had to be our nightly wine habit. It is the only thing that has changed over the last few months and it has got to go now! I am not going to give up wine forever, heck no but I am going to go 30 days without it and see if it makes a difference. The thing is I not only gained a few pounds but my hot flashes came back. I finally kicked those things to the curb with my special tea and special essential oil blend but they started creeping back up. I think the wine is to blame so here goes nothing.

Make sure you sign up for my digest so you can follow me and see if the wine is the culprit. I will try and do video updates a few times a week. I am currently on day 3 and already I feel different. If you see me on a Friday and I have “BITCH” written across my forehead just ignore me, I am just pouting over my lack of chardonnay.

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