No Wine April has officially started.

7 nights are in the bag ( Is that how that saying goes? ) Check out the video below to see how the last 7 days went.

I am in no way giving up the vino. I love and appreciate it way too much. However I do plan to bring it back with Balance, yes did you catch the capital B. This represents my seriousness on the whole Balance thing. It is crazy how quickly fun habits can turn ugly. Now for some a few glasses of wine a night are not an issue.  It never use to be for me, I think the whole peri-menopause thing is what tipped me over the edge and also contributed to this new not so good habit.  If you find yourself in this situation check out this article, it might help make more sense of this whackadoodle time.  No matter what the cause the results were the same, weight gain and increased hot flashes. I am listening to my body and resting.

Bring it on Week two- Stay tuned. Make sure you sign up for my digest so you can follow me on this fun fun journey. If you know anyone that might be struggling with this issue makes sure you share this.

No Wine April
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