Its almost over friends, my No Wine April is coming to a close. Honestly I have to be super truthful and tell you I was not confident how I would do with this challenge. I love my wine damn it. However I surprised myself and did really really well. Its not over so I don’t want to jinx myself. I had really only one day that I was pissed off at myself for doing this challenge. I got over it quickly and have not gone back there sense. I have felt really good. I have not stepped on the scale again but I can tell I have lost some of the weight. It started out being all about the weight but it is interesting how that does not matter much to me anymore.

I am finding out that people struggle with what to say to you when you say “No Thanks” to a drink. Our society needs to do a little shifting in my opinion. I have been to a few parties this month and people truly tried to talk me into screwing my challenge and just having a glass of wine with them. EWE why do people do that? I do not need a glass of wine to feel at ease at a party. I am probably guilty of this behavior in my past but I can guarantee I wont be repeating it. AGAIN I want to make sure people know that I did not do this because wine is bad for you. I did this because I had to break a habit that was not serving me. I had to honor myself enough to step back, get a grip and re-calibrate. Balance is my motto and I was off kilter. Maybe for some a glass or two of wine every night is their balance and that is perfectly peachy, it just was not working for me personally.

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