Nimble Nectar and a Big Vodka Splash

As most of you know I am a wino tried and true but this Summer I ventured out of my wino world and started trying different spirits. My hubby Mike loves spirits. He loves wine as well but his go-to drink is usually some type of spirit. I have always been a little jealous because his drinks always look so fun but I just could not get into the taste.

Enter Nimble Nectar. What a game changer this little bottle of flavors has been for me. I have seen this company a few times at our local Costco but I have always strolled right on by, usually towards those bins filled with beautiful wine bottles. For my Southern Ca peeps the Costco in Vista usually carries this and the Ralphs in Carlsbad does as well.

Over the last year, I have paid attention to my carb intake and my glass(es) of wine was not fitting into my daily allotment too well. I love my wine but I was not willing to blow all my carbs for the day on a glass or two of vino. When I saw the company sampling their products earlier in the year I decided to take off my wine goggles and explore what they had to offer. I was fully expecting to go home and tell Mike “hey I tired at least” Well the joke was on me and I walked out of there with 6 flipping bottles of this awesome nectar.

One of the things that I am a stickler about is the ingredients in my food and drink. These guys nailed it. YES YES YES there are carbs and YES YES YES it does have sugar but I use very little of it so it did not bother me. I would not drink a huge glass of any juice fresh or bottled. I think all juice is made to be taken in small quantities and hey you only need a small quantity to make a kick-ass cocktail. On their website, they state “At Nimble Nectar, we use only what you would find in your own kitchen. And we do extensive side by side comparisons of ingredients, to ensure every single one is the best possible. So yes…it means we drink lots of juice! Our products contain 100% all-natural real fruit juices, purified water, and pure cane sugar. No high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or flavors, no chemicals, and no preservatives. We source local juices where possible and support local businesses (our packaging, marketing, and TEAM are homegrown)!”

Right? Try finding that quality in your grocery store juice.

We have experimented with a lot of different flavors from Nimble Nectar and I will be honest and say I liked some way better than others. Their current flavors are Grapefruit Lime, Mango Passionfruit, Tangerine Line, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry Lemon Drop, and Tart Cherry Lime. My current favorite is Pineapple Orange (think Mai Tai) and Tart Cherry Lime (think cherry margarita) My least favorite is Cranberry Ginger. The flavor combination is just not my jam.

If you are not sure how to use Nimble Nectar have no fear they have a fabulous recipe index for you. AND the awesome thing is if you do not drink alcohol they provide you with lots of ideas on how you can use these nectars in your AM smoothie or maybe add it to your favorite dessert. Remember a little goes a long way.

Nimble Nectar with a Big Splash of Vodka

  • 2 ounces of your favorite vodka ( We love Tito’s)
  • 2 ounces of your favorite Nimble Nectar

Place both liquids in your cocktail shaker. We went years without a cocktail shaker. Now we would not dream of making a mixed drink without it. Fill your shaker with some ice and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE.

When you have the liquids in the cocktail shaker and then and ice and shake you are doing two things. 1. getting your liquids nice and cold and thoroughly mixed and 2. you are diluting your liquids by shaking the ice so it melts. We like to do this when we are not pouring the cocktail over ice. We get a little cold water diluting the drink but it does not turn watery. This is the shaker we use.

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