As you all know I am n love with learning. I love reading, taking courses and just soaking in all I can about holistic living. Recently I have started to learn about the world of reflexology. Did you know that reflexology has been around since the Ancient times? Reflexology is said to have started in the feet but quickly expanded to other parts of the body. In the West, the concept of reflexology as a medical concept did not begin to emerge til the 19 century. (LOL we are always so behind when it comes to this stuff 🙁

I am not a Reflexologist so I can not get all detailed with you all but here is a very basic description on what reflexology is as I understand it. According to Barbara & Kevin Kuntz in their book “Complete Reflexology for Life” Reflexology is when a Reflexologists applies pressure techniques to the hands and feet to simulate specific reflex area with the intention of producing a beneficial response in other parts of the body. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it?

Check out this video I did on how to help relieve headache/sinus pain, stomach/digestion issues and lower back discomfort with a golf ball!

The golf ball technique can be used on your hands and your feet for various discomfort relief. In addition to the golf ball you can use specially designed rollers as well. You do not have to use a roller or golf ball, your fingers can do the magic all on their own. It is helpful to have a book or watch some video’s so you can get a feel for how to find the points. Here are a few of my favorites:

Complete Reflexology for Life- Book

The Complete Reflexology Tutor- Book

100+ Foot and Hand Reflexology Techniques- Video

Relief for headaches and Migraines with Reflexology

Isn’t this stuff fascinating?


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