Well April showers is officially behind us and May flowers are on their way out. It is crazy how quick April went by. It truly seems like we were just celebrating Valentines Day. I am a fan of time marching on though because with each new day passing we are blessed with priceless memories and experiences.

Last month was a killer month for Beachbody because of their hot April specials. We actually bought Brazil Butt Lift and I can not wait to try it. We already had T25 but I am excited for all my new customers that snapped up this amazing program.  This month the specials are Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson and P90X3 by Tony Horton.

Click on the pictures below to view a quick video of each program.

 Turbo Fire is one of my favorite programs. It is a very fancy, energetic, burn some calories kind of program. You will definitely work with this program but it really does not feel like you are working. Chalene Johnson is super motivational in this set and she will inspire you to move, grove and burn those calories. When I first tried this program out I wanted to scream as I was born with two left feet. I also sat back one day and watched Kellie and Mike nail one of the workouts while I threw my shoes at the DVD,  I was so frustrated. I refused to give up though and I just did it over and over again and now it is one of my favorite workouts. I really feel like I am just at a dance party instead of in my gym. The music is killer and the moves will sculpt places you did not know needed sculpting.

P90X3 is wild. I will be honest the first time I did it I was not a huge fan. Tony is one of the toughest trainers Beachbody has and I have to say we are not a perfect match. Hey I can’t love everyone right? It is not that I don’t like Tony I just do not think I like the style in which he works out. I can not really put into words what I mean and I do not want to discourage you. I have A LOT of customers that LOVE LOVE LOVE this program and Tony’s style. Mike is one of them. He has yet to do P90X3 but he is a huge fan of P90X and P90X2. He will be starting 3 soon. Tony is one of his favorite trainers. The nice thing about P90X3 is the workouts are only 3o minutes. This is the way trainer are starting to create  new programs.  There has been a lot of research done and they have proven that an effective workout can be done in 30 minutes so why spend hours in the gym. You do need to have a pull up bar for this program.

Both of these are excellent deals and I hope you will consider snagging one of them up. Please email me if you have any questions at all. We will be forming challenge groups soon so let me know if you would like to join one them as well.



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