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Gluten-Free Low Carb Grain Free Eggs Benedict

Featuring Suzanne Ryans famous 60-second low carb mug muffin

I love to watch my carbs. I love it because my body responds well to it lol. Last year I lost 30 pounds while working out using Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession and eating a low carb diet. I did not do the keto diet because my body did not dig that but I did respond well to lowering my carb intact and there are a lot of great recipes in the keto world.

One of my staples was Suzanne Ryans Low Carb Muffins. I make these muffins at least 3 times a week. The recipe can be found in Suzanne’s cookbook called Simply Keto. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that is looking to reduce their carbs.

Here is the recipe that can be found on her site. It is not the exact recipe but very close. In this recipe she uses blueberries. I omit the blueberries and use the mug muffin bread as a blank canvas to build on for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

Today I used a recipe from Food Network and made a hollandaise sauce and put together a delightful low carb eggs benedict. It was not quick but it was a perfect treat myself Saturday breakfast meal.

Here are some pictures from my breakfast journey today ­čÖé

Mug muffin cooked in my favorite mug-Make sure you spray the mug.
I slice the muffin in two and usse one side for breakfast and save the other for later.
Hollandaise Sauce- It is enough for 2-3 servings-

I love to use these muffins to make sandwiches or toast them up and just put a little ghee and garlic on them. They are truly so versatile and EASY to make. The hollandaise can take a little more time but that is what weekend time is for right?

Check out Suzanne’s site and her cookbooks, I think you will love her easy to follow tasty recipes.

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