It is a Free eBook from Hay house YAY!!!!

Are you looking for a new eBook or new author to enjoy, possibly on your new eReader device? Hay House loves being able to share the gift of reading and provide our followers with all the enlightening wisdom our authors have to offer.

For a limited time, they have selected a few eBooks for you to pick from for FREE! You can choose from 1 of 6 eBooks and download it instantly. These are eBooks from authors Doreen Virtue, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Denise Linn, Dr. Brian Weiss, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and James Van Praagh. I just downloaded the one from Dr. Joe Dispenza and it’s already loaded on my kindle.





Whether you prefer to curl up in a warm bed or by the fireside, there’s no better way to bring on the new year than to get lost in a book and begin taking that step toward a better you. Personal development has been a staple in my world in 2016 and it will continue into 2017. I do not always agree 100% with everything I read but I ALWAYS learn something. There are so many free eBooks out there for all of us to enjoy. Of course, they are going to ask you to opt into their newsletter but why not give it a try and if they slam you with emails just unsubscribe.

I allow myself 20 minutes of personal development reading every day. I do a little in the AM after my morning meditation and then a little at the end of the day. If you are ever looking for some good suggestions just shoot me an email. I am also a huge fan of Audible. I love to listen to personal development books while on my walk. I start out listening to a book and then the second half of the walk I blast any feel-good music I can find on spotify 🙂  If you have never tried Audible before you should give it a try, I think they still offer a free audiobook when you sign up and you can cancel at any time.

PS if you are looking for a fab tea to enjoy as you sit down to read your new Free eBook from Hay House check out this one. It is my favorite.

Go be awesome and never stop learning and listening.

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