This is such a tasty dish. We are enjoying this on our Beachbody Ultimate Reset-Phase 1. This dish was not only tasty but super filling as well. Did you know that lentils  are super high in nutrients and also especially high in folate?  Lentils are also gaining credit for lowering your cholesterol and improving your digestion.   The only thing I struggle with is cooking these little beauties correctly. I finally threw in the towel and now just buy them already cooked from Trader Joes.  This makes things so much easier and I can have this tasty dish ready to marinate in minutes.  Another thing I love about this dish is I can buy everything I need at Trader Joes, and as we all know I love that store.

I have made this on many occasions for brunch parties and other get togethers and I have yet to find anyone that does not like it. I think this will be a sure hit on your table as well. I hope you try it and like it. Make sure you let me know what you think.



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