The first challenge group we did was such a success we started another right away. The one we have going on right now is off the charts. 19 people are making daily life changing habits.  I am so inspired by the challengers that we get to work with in these groups. This program is so successful because it takes portion control and exercise and marries them together. The food plan is so easy to follow. You can eat whatever food you want you just need to make sure it fits in the included colored containers. Within each challenge group you will find extra resources and websites that will give you even more help to be successful with this program.  If you are willing to commit to the 21  Days, we will get you the results.

What exactly is a challenge group?  When you purchase a program from Beachbody you will not only get all the required fitness equipment/dvds but every program also comes with a scheduled fitness plan and a nutrition plan to teach you how to stay on track and how to eat healthy to get maximum results.  These fitness and nutrition guides are unique to each program.  The 21 Day fix comes with a small colored booklet that spells out everything you need to know to make this program work for you. It also has a detailed schedule of which workout you do on which day.

One of the best things that comes from being in a challenge group is the positive energy and motivation you get from all the people in the group.  It is really cool to see everyone come together and help each other reach their goals. It is a place you will not have judgement past on you. It is a place you will make new friends and connect with others trying to get healthy and fit. If you are having a rough day, the challengers are there to help you through it. If you have a success the challengers are there to high five you and celebrate with you.  Running these challenges has truly been one the best parts of my job as a coach. I love watching everyone come together and contribute to the support of the group.

Please consider joining our 21 Day Fix Challenge starting May 12th. You literally have nothing to lose but pounds with a 30 day money back guarantee on EVERYTHING! I can guarantee you will love it. Mike and I cant’t wait to do it again. 




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