Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset is a very different program from the P90X and Insanity programs that Beachbody is famous for offering.  While the normal Beachbody programs focus on exercise with corresponding nutrition plan, Ultimate Reset focuses on cleansing the body without starving diets or harsh laxatives.  In fact, they DON’T want you to exercise while on the 21 day program! (they do indicate that you can do light yoga or walking but that’s about it)

You would think that taking a 21 day break from the intense programs like P90X and Insanity would be a walk-in-the-park right? Wrong!  While Tony Horton and Shaun T will kick your butt for an hour a day, leaving you in a pool of your own sweat, I’ve found that the Ultimate Reset is much more difficult to successfully finish.  Instead of being physically challenging like the other Beachbody programs, I would say that the Reset is more mentally and psychologically challenging.  From experience, I feel that it’s much easier to go through a program like Insanity because you mentally know that you’re almost done at the 40 minute mark.  Ultimate Reset lasts ALL DAY LONG!

Something else to think about is the amount of food preparation that is involved.  Because you are eating nothing but whole foods, it seems to take a lot of time cutting fruits and vegetables in preparation of the meals.  I personally found the experience to be somewhat therapeutic but it may not be for everyone.

Before starting you need to ask yourself “Do I have the time over the next 21 days to devote to this program?”  If you plan on traveling or are going through an overly stressful time already, this may not be the right time to start the Ultimate Reset.

Now that I’ve probably freaked you out, I will say wholeheartedly that the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a great program. After everything I’ve written above, you will probably think I’m a bit crazy for feeling this way.  However, I can say without hesitation that the Ultimate Reset works!  The first time I went through the program in 2012, I lost 17 lbs in 21 days and also dropped my cholesterol by over twenty points.  Afterward, I felt more energetic and “lighter” on the inside.  It wasn’t just the weight loss that made me feel lighter; it felt that I got rid of the toxins that had built up over time.  My muscles felt rejuvenated which meant that my P90X workouts have been much more productive since the Reset. I feel healthier and stronger than I felt 10 years ago and people have commented that I actually look younger!

Our family thinks so highly of the program that we’re currently going through the Ultimate Reset  again this year to kick start the upcoming summer season.  As I write this, we’re on day 7 and I’ve lost over 5 lbs.  I don’t have as much weight to lose this time around so I’m not expecting to lose 17 lbs this time.  I’ve been fascinated by how my body has reacted the second time around.  I will admit that I felt VERY tired the first week of the Reset last time.  This time I have felt energized throughout the program whereas last time, I could only muster a short walk each day for the first week. I’m not working out, as per their instructions, but I am doing yoga every day and walking my dog.

I am looking forward to the next 14 days of the Reset.  I’ll write an update as soon as we’re done with the program with our results!



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