It is time to come clean…….

You have heard this before “We are our own worst enemies” Well I 100% believe this. I recently let life get in the way of my exercise routine and I got out of the habit of my 20-40 minute daily workout. Man I had every very good, acceptable, legit reason you could think of but guess what?  I started not sleeping well, I was cranky towards the people in my life, I ate more than I normally did, my hip started hurting and I am sure Mike could come up with some more negatives.  Yes I 100% believe these all can be tracked back to me skipping my workouts. One week of not working out and I fell apart. I got out of my habit and things just snowballed. I let my mind talk me out of something that I knew was important to me. The issue here is one day of getting out of your routine and then for some reason skipping it the next day just seems a little easier. It is a snowball effect of disaster. 🙁

It is funny because I really did believe my excuses were legit but now that I sit back and look at it, who the heck was listening to these excuses?  Yep you guessed it, no one. I think when it comes to exercise we need to take a step back and really look at what it is we enjoy doing. It is like chores right? Who wants to do something when we hate doing it. Please find something that you enjoy doing.  There are so many ways to get moving and get the fitness your body craves. It does not need to be complicated.

Twenty minutes is not a lot of time folks. If you can not find twenty minutes to dedicate to your body then we need to talk. It is so uber important that you take the time out of your hectic, crazy day to give your muscles and joints a little workout. Please do not get intimated by weights or big gyms. It really does not matter what you do, just do something. I remember when I had a big aversion to working out. I did not understand what working out really meant. I saw what Mike did and I wanted nothing to do with that crap.  When I reflex back on it,  the problem was really my mind not the actual action of doing it. I set up my own mental roadblock.

Last week I let my mind put up a roadblock. Today is a new day and I have put those 5 days behind me.  The neat thing about life is everyday you wake up you get a chance to correct your mistakes. How cool is that??????

Moral to this story is “just do it, and stop with the excuses.”  Hands down legit advice. I learned a lesson this last week and I am not going to go down that road again. If you need help coming up with some motivation to get moving or some fitness ideas, please contact me.  I love to help people with this type of thing. I am always running challenge groups that produce good solid results. I would love you to join one of them. Message me if you are interested.

Here is a great twenty minute routine by Bret Hoebel(creator of Beachbody Rev Abs Dvd Program)  I hope you like it. Pay attention to the modifications if needed. Let’s all move it and get this done 🙂



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