Why people hate meditating –  Let’s take our first step and learn how to meditate with these 5 essentials.

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Frustrated with trying to meditate? I so get it friends, been there and done that trust me. BUT please trust me when I say that there is a reason we all get frustrated. Its called Social Media! Everyone looks all ZEN like and they talk about meditation and the benefits but no one really tells you that there are some basic things you should pay attention to before you ever sit your butt down on the mat for the first time.  The first time I tried was so dang funny. I had the pillow, the candle, the music but no CLUE what came next.
These 5 essentials of meditation were instrumental in my meditation journey. I know the frustrations you are feeling, I really do. I also know that meditation is a practice and if you can keep focused on these 5 essentials you are well on your way. Later on in the month I will give some more tips to make your meditation practice less frustrating and more beneficial. I PROMISE you can meditate.

1. It’s Okay to Have Thoughts

2. Don’t Try Too Hard

3. Let Go of Expectations

4. Be Kind to Yourself

5. Stick with It

Special thanks and shout out to Sarah McLean at the McLean Meditation Institute.  A few years ago I went through Sarah’s very detailed meditation teacher training and I can tell you it changed my life. It was not just about how to meditate, it was also about what not to do. I know that had I not learned these five essentials my meditation journey would have stayed in the frustration stage and I would not have any hair left.

Stay tuned for more help on how to meditate.  In the meantime high five for watching the video. Shoot me an email if you need help,

PS if you are looking for a phone app that has some guided meditations, podcasts and great music check out Insight Timer.

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