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First off, it is worth noting that making the commitment to exercise is the most important first step to optimum health and well-being.  When first getting started, we are bombarded with choices on just how to go about developing an exercise routine.  The main question I’ve had to face over the years is whether or not to develop a home gym or to continue going to my local gym.  From personal experience, I can say that there are advantages and disadvantages with both decisions. The following are the criteria we used when deciding on whether or not to install a home gym?  Are there any potential issues we missed?


Topic Home Gyms Neighbordhood Gym
Convenience All you have to do is roll out   of bed and work out (if you work out in the morning like I do). Advantage Home Gym Definitely not convenient. You   have to get in the car to go to the gym. If the gym has a shower facility,   you also have to bring a change of clothes.    If they don’t you have to drive their and back.
Crowds Other than possible pets   annoying you while you’re trying to work out and family members wanted to   talk with you, it’s pretty crowd-free. Advantage Home Gym At my neighborhood gym, it was   always crowded!  I went at 5am and had   to change my workouts when people were using the equipment I planned on   using.  Nights were worse!
Instruction Workout videos have gotten A LOT   better than when my mom used to work out to Jane Fonda using a Beta Max.  It appears that workout instructional   videos have become more science based and safer.  There are some exceptions that I can think   of (yoga being one) where it may be better to have a live person making sure   you’re aligned properly.  Otherwise,   I’d give instructional home videos high marks. No Clear Winner I’ve seen good and bad personal   trainers.  Definitely do your homework   before commiting to one.  What are   his/her credentials and reputation? They are also expensive (see below) and   may not be convenient since you need to work around their schedule. No Clear Winner
Expense – Equipment From personal experience, I can   say that a home gym is defintely a more expensive way to exercise.  Buying treadmills, ellipticals, weights,   fitness programs, etc can eat into your pocketbook. The gyms in our area are   competing for members so we find that initiation fees have been lower lately   and monthly dues have been pretty reasonable. One thing to consider is the   cost of gas and the added wear-and-tear on your vehicle going to-and-from the   gym.  Advantage   Neighborhood Gym.
Expense – Instruction Once you invest in the   instructional videos, they’re yours to keep.    Our family have all enjoyed Insanity recently at different times of   the day.  I expect that we’ll be   working out to those DVD’s off and on for years.  The cost over time is much less than a   personal trainer. Advantage Home Gym Personal trainers can be   expensive! Per Dr. Sal Arria, president of NBFE, the average hourly rate for   a trainer is $60-$70 per session. That can add up very quickly if you’re   using a personal trainer twice or three times per week!
Germs Hopefully you keep a clean   house.  At least you know where the   germs are coming from.  Advantage Home Gym 100’s of people per day sweating   on the equipment.  Most aren’t wiping   down effectively.  Um.. EWWW

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