I am always being asked for tips on keeping the pounds off and honestly 99% of the time my answer is hard work and dedication. I do not believe there is a magic bullet to dropping those unwanted pounds. I do believe that there are exercise programs that might assist more than others and food choices that will for sure make a difference. The real key is find something you enjoy doing and do it. If you do this along with making good food choices and keep your portions in check, you are well on your way. There’s your magic bullet!  Now that being said I do have some tips that I would like to share with you that can assist with weight loss as long as they are combined with the above mentioned items, move and eat clean.

Helpful Weight Loss Tips

  1. Always eat breakfast. You have heard it before I know. Do not skip it!
  2. Watch out for second helpings. It can take as long as 15 minutes before your brain registers that your stomach is satiated. Give your digestion system a chance to do its work before you pile on more servings.
  3. Try to avoid high sugar foods. (duh) I still need to mention it because there are folks that still pound the Ho-Ho’s.
  4. Limit alcoholic beverages, dang this is a rough one for me as you know I love my wine BUT it is just empty calories. Moderation is key!
  5. Steam or poach as many foods as you can. The parchment paper bags are one of my new favorite ways to cook fish and poultry.
  6. Select lean cuts of meat.
  7. Plan ahead for your snacks. Always bring something with you when you go out. You know your going to get hungry so do not get caught off guard.
  8. Visit your local spice store and go wild. Spices can dramatically change the flavor of your food. My new favorite is dill.
  9. Do not use food as a reward for something. Give yourself a massage, manicure or shopping spree. Using food for rewards also sets a bad example for the little ones in your house.
  10. Keep a food diary. Wow this was a shocker the first time I did it. Try it, you might be totally blown away with how much you are eating throughout the day.  Myfitnesspal is one of my favorites.
  11. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day. This is such a small percentage of your day and you are worth it.
  12. Wear a pedometer. Aim fo 12,000 steps.




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