Have you ever considered becoming a coach? I can truly tell you straight from my heart I am in love with what I do. I wake up each morning and get to inspire people to reach their goals. I get the pleasure of encouraging people to do things they did not think were possible. I do not have to deal with all the negative workplace crap that goes on. I get to stay in my yoga pants and work on my sun patio. Seriously? How could I not ask you if you would like to consider joining us? I  feel blessed beyond words and want to share what I do with you. BUT that being said let me clarify a few things. we do not want just anyone so we can fill a number. No, we are looking for the right people that we feel would work well with our team. We need someone that has a huge heart, enjoys social media and most importantly believes in helping people. We do not need a fitness guru, or a nutrition expert. We just want a few people that have a heart of gold and a HUGE desire to help motive and inspire people to make changes in their life when it comes to fitness and health.

We have all the training tools available for you. You do not need anything but 1 hour a day that you can commit to us. The rest falls into place.  If you are looking for something to help pay for that summer vacation, or maybe that new car for that teenager that is fast approaching 16 or maybe you just want the challenge of owning your own business please click on the picture below and watch the video from beginning to end.

Joining Beachbody was one of the best decisions I have made. I have made so many genuine friends with this company. I get to go on company paid trips, I get to go a few times a year and workout with Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Tony Horton and all the other Beachbody trainers but most of all I get to work with people that truly appreciate my guidance and support. It is pretty stinking amazing.

Click on the picture below and watch the video. Lets see if this might be just want you and I are looking for.

Judy and Mike Malone

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