I recently shared with my social media following that I made calzones for our sunset picnic and would be posting the recipe soon. I totally forgot that the recipe for the calzones is the same as the dumpling recipe it is just one BIG dumpling.  I am going to just add to this post how I made the calzones. The recipe is the exact same,  I just did not use the kitchen gadget. 

As stated above the recipe for these calzones are the exact same as you will find in the recipe below for the dumplings. ( Below the red line ) The only difference is how you fold them. The dumplings are fun to make when you want to use a bunch of different fillings and make a sampler plate. The calzones are good when you just have one filling mix.

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The one thing I do not think I mentioned in the original dumpling post below is that I used a tortilla press to make the circle. I have posted about the tortilla press before, I just love it.  I use the press  ALL THE TIME. I love to use it to make low carb dumplings, calzones, tacos, and flatbreads.

 To make the circles in the tortilla press you just section out the size of the dough you want and follow the instructions that came with your press. The key is to make sure you line always use parchment paper.

If you are not using a press then just grab the amount of dough you want and place the dough between some parchment paper and roll it out. I have used a rolling pin or a glass before and it works great. The only thing is it is hard to get a pretty circle like the press gives you. Truly not a huge deal but I like the press better.

Place your filling in the middle of your circle and gently fold it over. You want the dough to be pretty thin so be careful it is fragile. If your dough rips just pinch it together.  Lastly, VERY CAREFULLY take a fork and seal the calzone together.

I also like to brush some ghee/butter on each side before I  cook them. I made the calzones in my Foodi the same way I did the dumplings. If you do not have a Foodi or Air Fryer you could crisp them up in your oven.  I would probably do 350 degrees for about 10 minutes on each side. Your filling should already be cooked so you just want them to get golden.  ( Spinach, ricotta, fresh dill and canned salmon are my favorite fillings at this time. )


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Well here it is and I am so dang sorry it took me so long to post 🙁  The weather started getting nicer here in CA and I was out as often as I could find an excuse.  A lot of desk shit got put on the back burner but Mother Nature comes first 🙂

This recipe is a fan favorite in our household. Mike requests them, the neighbors loved them and Roscoe always barks for more.

AND of course, the recipe comes from my very favorite recipe creator and owner of Gnom-gnom.com.  This website is amazing and Paola does a fantastic job of bringing flavor and ease to low carb cooking. I have made many of her recipes and honestly, they have all been a success. Please check her out. She has some amazing ebooks as well.  ( no I am not an affiliate of anything, I just want to share her recipes )

I followed gnom-gnom’s recipe for the dumpling batter exactly as she wrote it. I did, however, change a few things in regards to what I stuffed them with, how I cooked them and how I cut them.


Once you make the recipe for the dough and it has rested the appropriate time you can decide to cut them however you wish.  Paola shows you how she makes her dumplings on her site. I purchased a dumpling cutter from Amazon.          ( super cheap ) I like the dumpling cutter because it feels like it creates more of  a solid seal but you can do whatever floats your boat.

Lastly, the only other thing I did differently than Paola is I cooked mine in my new air fryer. Do not get me started on why I have a new air fryer!!!!! (My old Phillips died and I needed a replacement.) Thankfully I was able to secure a great new product, the Ninja Foodi and I love it more.

Once the dumplings were all crimped up with their yummy fillings inside ( see below for filling ideas ) I put them in the Ninja Foodi on bake for 5 minutes. I then changed the setting to air fry and cooked them for an additional 4 minutes. You will want to adjust the timing to your liking of crispness.

When I first tried this recipe I did the dumplings like Paola did and they were fantastic. I just am a kitchen gadget freak and wanted to try a new way to make them. Get creative and try both 🙂

Store the cooked dumplings in the reridgerator and consume them within 2 days. 


Filling Ideas and Topping Ideas

  • Chopped veggies and tamari sauce
  • Shredded chicken or beef & cheese
  • Pancetta and ricotta cheese
  • Chopped peppers, mushrooms & cheese
  • Chopped apples and walnuts
  • Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil
  •  Strawberries with honey and pine nuts
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  • Fresh Whipped Cream
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Hummus
  • Cinnamon
  • Sour Cream
  • Fresh Herb Butter
  • Cream Cheese

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