I just got back from my first 5k in awhile. It was a lot of fun and I forgot how much fun racing can be. Well racing might be a stretch but I did try and hang in there the best I could and Mike laughed at me because I took off like a bandit at the very end. There was a women that I had been pacing myself with the entire race and she tried to pull away from me during the home stretch. I think not! I put on my turbo kicks and weaved between people and left her in the dust.  Back to the topic at hand – PIZZA!

After the race I was super hungry and was craving some carbs. I do not have a lot of carbs in the house but I did have a frozen pizza from a company I just recently heard about. The company is called Against the Grain Gourmet and it totally rocks. Mike and I have tried their baguettes and dinner rolls before and loved them. The pizza was out of this world and honestly I had to stop myself from eating an entire half of pizza by myself.

Here is what I love about this nut free pesto pizza.  First and foremost it is grain free. The ingredients are tapioca starch, mozzarella cheese, milk, eggs, expeller pressed non-GMO canola oil, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, fresh basil, sunflower seeds, fresh garlic and water. Now lets be clear I never said this was going to be a low calorie lunch. I know there is a lot of cheese in this beauty but it is worth every bite.  Another thing I like about this company is they do everything they can to buy from their local farmers. They have a great story on the back of the pizza box about how they buy their milk from a local farmer and there is less than 24 hours that passes between when it comes out of the cow (TMI?) and when it is delivered to Against the Grain Gourmet. I like that idea and love that they support local farmers. Here is the break down nutritionally.

 This pizza is hands down better than most gluten free pizzas I have had at a pizza parlor. The crust is crunchy and has a perfect salty taste while the cheese and pesto come together and practically melt in your mouth.  When I first purchased this I thought about adding some vegetables on top to jazz it up but I am glad I didn’t.  This pizza does not need additional toppings. 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven and I was one happy camper.  One of the things that stood out to me was how sturdy the crust was once cut. A lot of times with gluten free cooking, crusts can be very limp and almost soggy tasting. This crust was super hearty and crunchy. Because of all the cheese it is a tad rich, so you do have to exercise some self control.

The price point for the pizza is about in-line with other frozen pizzas. I purchased mine at Sprouts during their freezer sale so it was a great deal. Normally the pizza retails for $11-14 depending on the flavor you pick.

This is a company that I 100% support and also love their products. I am looking forward to trying their bagels next.

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