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Gluten-Free Chicken Crust Pizza Recipe

I love love love pizza but it does not always love me or shall I say my ass :-). It is so hard to find a good lower calorie, lower carb pizza let alone add in the make it gluten-free too.

But have no fear there are some choices here for you. No this is not going to taste like that Chicago deep dish you love so much or that pizza from your favorite restaurant but it is very good and you can get very creative with the toppings. The bonus is you won’t wake up with indigestion or find yourself wearing your partners sweatpants because you can not fit into your favorite jeans.

Instead of writing this recipe up I am going to share with you where I got the original recipe. As in everything I do, I change a few things up to meet my dietery needs or what is in my pantry. The original recipe is from Wholesome Yum and if you make this pizza exactly as she has it written you will love it too.

Here is what I used.

I used frozen chicken thighs and cooked them in the instant pot.

I used Violife dairy-free cheese

I topped the pizza with salsa, dairy-free cheese, green peppers, cilantro and refried beans.

This is really a fun pizza to make. It is lower in carbs and calories but does not sacrifice in flavors.

You can use any kind of chicken but the thighs have the best flavor. I have made this before with 2 cans of already cooked organic chicken and it came out great. It is wonderful the next day as well. Get creative with the toppings. If you try it I would love to know what you think.

My second favorite homemade pizza crust is my seed pizza. This pizza is vegetarian and super yummy.

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