So you are trying to pick back up where you left off, where should you start? You had everything together, you had a schedule, a system, and suddenly life got in the way and now you are looking to get back on track. So now what?

Step One: Assess What You Want.

Have your goals changed? Have you become less passionate about what you are trying to accomplish. If it’s fitness, have you gotten off track and forgot why you started in the first place? Take a minute to write down or think about what you want now, because it may be different than it was before. Step one is to figure that out.

Step Two: Come Up With a Game Plan

You’ve done it before, you can do it again. Yes, your circumstances may have changed, but you have the power to get back on track. Do you remember it being easy before? Probably not, so that means it’s still not going to be easy this time. What are you trying to do? If it is something like start eating Paleo again, take a minute, and assess how you can do that. Come up with a meal plan, a structured plan, and just do it. Don’t go blindly into this new goal, you knew how to do it at one point, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to make a new plan to do it again. 

Step Three: Understand It Is Not Going to Be the Same as the Last Time

Even if your circumstances haven’t changed, it is still going to be a different process this time than it was the last time. Now, however, you know what it takes. The downside is, you probably don’t want to go back to ground zero. However, chances are that it is what you are going to need. Go back to the drawing board and accept the fact that you need to reassess your plan. When you understand that you won’t be able to lift the same amount of weight that you did before to get back to the strength you were at, you protect yourself from injury and give yourself a positive start instead of putting yourself down for not being able to do what you once did. 

Step Four: Jump Right In

So you want back on track, do you? That’s good. So what are you waiting for? Monday? Pigs to fly? Start now. You can’t wait for the right moment, there will never be a right moment, this is your moment. Just do it. Make your game plan, go in with a positive attitude, get it together, and get it done. You will be happy you started today. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. 


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