The other day my daughter Kellie and I were chatting about college life. During the course of conversation, Kellie reminded me of the struggles she had with the Freshman 15. I thought her story would be helpful for others so I asked her to write her story. Below is a guest post from my daughter Kellie:

College. Words and phrases that come to mind when someone hears that word are: tests, “poor college kid”, tuition (sorry mom and dad!), all-nighters, parties (again, sorry mom and dad) and most importantly… the FRESHMAN FIFTEEN *dun dun dun*. If I have learned anything in my three years at college, all I know is the Freshman Fifteen is real. These days, a hard fact of life for these hard-working college students is that the Freshmen Fifteen has friends, and their names are Sophomore Slump and Junior “Jesus Where Did All This Weight Come From?”. And I never wanted to meet them. Luckily for me, I have a set of parents, who are arguably the most health enthused parents I have ever come across, who set me up with a head full of health and nutrition knowledge before sending me off on my merry way… only to ignore everything they ever taught me and consequently still put on the Freshman 15 (and again, sorry mom and dad!).

Not only is Freshman year hard on the body, it’s hard on the mind. It wasn’t until my second semester of college that I realized, “WOW, where did my passion for fitness and health go? This is not who I am, and absolutely not who I want to be.” So just like that, I stopped using the Freshman Fifteen as a way to justify how crummy I was feeling, and I took my health back into my own hands. Let me tell you, it was not easy, but boy was it exciting.

The first thing I got back in check was my diet. Up to this point I had chosen to ignore my gluten allergy and had been binge eating pizza, Cup of Noodles, Coca-Cola, chips and queso, and my personal favorite, chicken nuggets. I can hear my mom gasp from here. After evaluating all the crap I was putting in my body, I chose to cut out soda first (baby steps, right?) and let me tell you, the headaches were unreal. I needed something to help me curb my ever-present cravings and flush out all the bad stuff in my body. So, I turned to Shakeology. My parents, and I at one point, drank this stuff religiously, and thankfully I had not forgotten that. Shakeology is packed with superfood after superfood, antioxidant after antioxidant, and a whole lot of digestive enzymes to gently eliminate the many toxins creating havoc in my body. Right off the bat, replacing my normal breakfast of Lucky Charms with a chocolate Shakeology shake helped me lose about five pounds in less than a month. This alone lit a small match at the end of the tunnel that was my Freshman Fifteen, and trust me, I saw that little light. And I ran to it.

My next step was getting my fitness in check. For this, I turned to one of my favorite fitness past times, TurboFire. If you are looking for a workout that works then any of Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire workouts are the ones for you. TurboFire isn’t a typical “in the gym on the treadmill for 45 minutes and where are my results” workout. It is a dance party. With lively pumped up music and energetic dance moves, this workout will make you want to get off your butt and get dancing. Not only was I jazzed on this workout video, my sorority sisters were too. All of us, ready to ditch our extra lbs in the most healthy way possible, hit the ground running with this program. We made an event out of it every time. We dressed up. We invited friends. We made videos. We made it fun and got it done. Something Chalene said during one of her TurboFire workouts was “make time for friends who make you better”, and we all looked at each other with smiling faces because we knew we already had. And just like that, the person I had always wanted to be but was too scared to be, was front and center for the world to see. Beachbody, and their life-altering products, brought back my passion for health and fitness. Now, this match at the end of the tunnel was a huge open window right in front of me with a view so incredible it made me realize that this path, while terrifying and exhausting at times, was the path I wanted to be on for the rest of my life.

I began drinking Beachbody’s Energy and Endurance formula (similar to pre-workouts you see on the market, only so much better) and taking on Tony Horton’s p90X workout program with enough energy to run a marathon. This program is not for the faint of heart, but I was dedicated and motivated to shed those last pounds and get back to the lean and fit woman I once was. So every morning I got my happy butt up and dedicated an hour and a half to the hardest workouts I have ever done. And I loved every second of it. I started my day with E & E, a Shakeology shake, and Tony Horton happy voice motivating me to get through countless challenging exercises at 6 in the morning. Day after day I got up and did this as part of my routine and just like that I looked around and saw how far I had come. I turned around and I saw that the tunnel I had been stuck in for so long was 50 feet behind me. I turned back around and ran, and never once looked back.

Now, the only remnants of the insecure person, cursed by the Freshmen Fifteen, that I had become were the pictures of the countless amazing memories I had made that year hanging on my wall, next to the picture of Shaun T’s Insanity that I kiss every time I pass it (just kidding). Long story short, Beachbody helped me change my life and get on a path I never thought I would be on, and boy am I happy to be on it.

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