Sorry I have not been able to post any food find reviews lately but my site was down for a bit as it was getting a make-over. I am excited to have it back up and running and to start sharing more of my food finds from our recent trip to the Natural Food Show.

Today I want to tell you about The WrawP. One of the things I miss since going gluten free is the ability to have a sandwich. Yes I can still have a sandwich on gluten free bread but this gets boring sometimes as gluten free bread is not my favorite. I was so pleased when I walked down one of the gluten free aisles at the food show and saw these interesting looking Wrawps.  I just loved the name from the beginning and could not wait to get home and start WrawPing. Is that even a word??????

At first touch these seemed a little stiff to me. I have to say though I would take stiff over tearing any day. Gluten free items tend to be very fragile so I was very pleased to feel the sturdiness of this flatbread. This flatbread is 100% raw, vegan  and  gluten free. The one that I tasted was considered their “original” flavor.  The ingredients are organic zucchini, organic apples,  organic onions, flax seed, coconut, oregano, turmeric and black salt.  The nutrition fits the bill to be classified  a winner in my book.

As I stated above this flatbread is a little stiff but for me I liked this as I made Mike a WrawP the night before and it held up nicely for the next day’s lunch.

As with making any wrap you do need to add something to the end of the wrap so it will stick. I usually use cream cheese, avocado or coconut butter. These were very easy to roll and no tearing accorded during the process. I have used some coconut wraps in the past that are great but you do have to be careful as to not tear them while rolling. The flatbread  is  7.5″ x 10.5″ which is a very good size and makes a hearty Wrawp. Each package comes with 3 pieces. I received mine free but they retail for $8.99 each. I think this is a fair price because of the size of the flatbread and the organic ingredients each one is made with.  This company also offers a few other flavors that I am anxious to try. Please visit the Wrawp website  for additional information on flavors and ordering .

I hope you try these out as I think they are worth it. You can purchase them online or at a few local health food stores. Please check here for availability.

This was my lunch today 🙂








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