Ok  I am coming clean, I am a food freak. I love when I find a new food that fits into our nutritional guidelines. As most of you know Mike and I no longer can have gluten. We have also been trying to eliminate as many grains as possible. Those dang grains just create havoc with my digestive system.  We love making pasta with zucchini noodles. We have created some awesome recipes experimenting with that funny looking squash. This being said, zucchini noodles still do not have the same texture as regular pasta. There are times you just want the fettuccine look on your plate. There is something so magical about wrapping your fork around a plate of pasta dripping with rich savory sauce. Right?

Ok are you ready for this? It is called Lentil Pasta by a company called Bisogno The only ingredients are Split white lentil bean flour, water, garbanzo bean flour, split moong bean flour and spinach powder. (they also have beet and lemon flavors) The beautiful thing is it has 20 grams of protein and lots of vitamin A. Here is the nutrition breakdown.

They are a local company near where we live. I just stumbled upon this at a store one day and was so excited. You can check out their site for stores that carry their products if you live in San Diego. They also will ship to you if you contact them directly. The most important thing is— IT TASTED AMAZING-  We do not eat  a lot of beans so this is not something I would eat weekly but you can be assured there will always be a few packets of this in our freezer for those nights when we are craving some pasta.

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