As Springs kicks into full gear here in California so does my desire for cold, creamy, sweet ice-cream. I have to admit I am a freak for frozen treats. I have been since I was a kid. I was usually the first one out on the curb as soon as I heard that familiar lovely sound of the good ole ice-cream man trucking his way down our street. Ah the good ole days. Do they even have ice-cream trucks anymore?

Even if they did I guess it would not be age appropriate for a 48 year old women to chase after it. Thankfully recently I found something that has not only satisfied my sweet tooth but also is a super healthy eat clean desert maker. It is called the Yonanas Machine. It is a super simple device that anyone can use. I purchased mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon but you can also purchase it at Amazon for a comparable price. Here are the directions, ready? 1) Put a frozen banana in the chute, 2) Add frozen berries, 3) Push fruit down the chute with the included device. 4)Top with your favorite granola. I topped mine off with my homemade gluten free muesli. The machine comes with loads of recipes, chocolate, cheesecake, vanilla, the recipes are endless as long as you have an imagination.

It is no secret I love kitchen gadgets, some have been flops and some have been keepers. This is a keeper in my book.


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