Ever since I quit my as a Behavior Health Counselor, I have been going full-steam ahead with my new career goals. I honestly am having the time of my life but I am working my tail off. This morning I kind of hit a wall. I knew I had so many things I needed to accomplish during the AM time but I just kind of sat at my desk and stared at it. Have you ever done that? I was anxious to connect with some of my customers to see how they were doing with our current challenge, I had some phone calls to return with people that I was super amped to reconnect with but yet I still just sat there and stared.

This was my sign that I needed to take a break. Do you have a sign that your body signals to you when you need to stop, breathe and relax ?  I am not stressed out, I am happier than I have been in forever but my brain and mind were not connecting with my body.  Hence comes in this beautiful cup of coffee, an incredible book and the glorious outdoors.

Are you starting to see where I am going with this? Yes, I stepped away from the work, grabbed a book, brewed up some great dark coffee, placed some almond milk in the frother and took my booty outside for a 15 minute break.  It is funny I think people think when you work from home you are always lounging around the house, chatting away on Facebook, cleaning the house, and dilly dallying around all day. This could not be further from the truth! Yes working from home has been the BEST thing I have ever decided to do but I am glued to my work a full work day. Yes I can grab the laptop and go sit outside in the sun and listen to the birds chirp. Yes I can wear my yoga pants and not put on any make up. Yes I can take a break and go for a walk if I need to BUT I am working my eight hours easy and I need to remember to give my mind and brain a break.

One thing that I think we all need to do is listen to our bodies. Our minds are capable of sending some pretty powerful signals. We need to stop and listen to them every once in awhile if we want to be on our A game all the time.

I am back in action and ready to work 🙂



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