The other day when I was cleaning out my pantry I had a real wake up call. I waste a lot of food. I had so many things that were expired and just sat in my pantry for months going to waste. I throw out a lot of produce each week as well, despite as much as we juice in our house.  Have you ever stopped to think about how much food we waste each day? I remember watching a documentary on dumpster diving and getting really grossed out but when you stop and think about it, the food we throw away on a daily basis is crazy!!!

Now that there is only Mike and I in the house I really am going to focus on not only not wasting food but also not over buying. During one of my nutrition courses we discussed this article and it really fascinated me. I know I am guilty of throwing away a bruised apple or a dented nectarine. I need to save this stuff and either throw them in my smoothies or juicer. I love the concept of this article. What are your thoughts?

Food waste has escalated to shameful levels—some reports say that Americans and Europeans throw away nearly half of edible food. Here’s how one French supermarket is using cheeky signage to sell imperfect produce.
The smallest blemish on produce can turn grocery shoppers away. So when retailers stock deformed or oddly shaped fruit or vegetables, chances are that they won’t sell. This mentality of purchasing “perfect” produce is part of the reason food waste has skyrocketed—”A report last year found up to half of the food produced worldwide was wasted because of poor harvesting, storage and transport methods, as well as irresponsible retailer and consumer behavior,” reports a recent article in Reuters.

So kudos to the French supermarket chain Intermarché for their brilliant plan to laud these mishapen, “inglorious” fruits and veggies. In addition to offering this maligned produce for 30 percent cheaper than their traditionally shaped cousins, Intermarché placed them in their own section of the store with specific labeling.

Not only did the campaign increase food waste awareness, but it also bolstered the chain’s bottom line. Stores experienced a 24 percent increase in overall traffic, and the campaign received extensive media attention.

Your takeaway? Paired with a price cut and cheeky marketing, shoppers will flock to your irregular produce.




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