DIY Lemon Mint Sugar Body Scrub

I love love love body scrubs. At All in the Balance. I am always creating some new type of scrub. I love to make coconut sugar face scrubs, brown sugar body scrubs, Himalayan salt body scrubs and so many others. A few of you have asked me to put them on my website, but I am hesitant because you really do need to add a preservative to them if you are going to keep it around for more than a month or so. You know me friends, I play it ultra safe when it comes to my essential oils, 🙂  and I can not in good faith add any preservative to my products. No matter what you read there is NOT a natural preservative out there. Of course, there are some that are safer than others, but I don’t dig any of that stuff so I avoid it. The reason manufacturers put a preservative in your scrubs is because of the water that creeps into your product. when you use it. I do not purposely add water to my scrubs, but I know your sweet little hands will land a few droplets in when you are digging in for some of the magical scrub.

To play it safe, I suggest my friends try and use the scrub in a short time (1-2 weeks).  I am willing to make some for you if you email me privately. I will just go over the proper care with you so you can ensure a safe and beautiful scrub.

Today I wanted to give you a very simple but effective recipe you could make tonight!

DIY Lemon Mint Sugar Body Scrub

You Will Need:
10 ounces of white sugar- You could also use brown sugar. Organic is not needed 🙂
2 ounces of coconut oil
1/2 ounce of aloe vera gel. You could also use a body wash you like, but make sure it does not have any of those nasty chemicals in it
10  finely chopped leaves of fresh mint, any flavor will do
A little fresh lemon zest (optional)

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Essential Oil
25 drops of Lemon. Lemon is photosensitive, so I like to use May Chang which is similar in scent but not sensitive if you go out in the sun
8 drops of any mint you have, I love to use spearmint

Combine everything in a glass measuring cup or other glass mixing container. (Feel free to add more coconut oil or body wash if you want to change the consistency.) I never use plastic or it will forever smell like mint. Trust me, mint rice is not a good taste 🙁 I like to add everything in stages to make sure it gets mixed up well. I store mine in a plastic container I use for my body lotions blends but you can use anything you have handy. Make sure you rinse it out well first and that there is not any water in the jar.

If you are interested in trying a salt bath soak, check out this recipe.

Safety Note
Please use your scrub up within 2 weeks. This is a preservative-free recipe so you have to use it quicker than the store-bought stuff out there. You can also store your scrub in the refrigerator to minimize the chance of bacteria contamination. ( still use it within 2 weeks please )  Please be careful getting out of the tub or shower after you use your scrub, the floor and tub tiles might be slippery from the oils used.




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