Now a days it seems everyone is trying to get you to buy everything organic. Of course in a perfect world that would be swell but we all have financial strains on us so let me share with you what the EWG (Environmental Working Group)recommends we spend our dough on and what we can skip.

If you have not heard the term before “The Dirty Dozen” is a list published by the EWG that prioritizes the vegetable and fruits that they think you should buy organic because of their high levels of pesticide residue.

Of course I want to stress the importance of eating vegetables and fruits, organic or not.  The EWG puts out this list so people can try and at least prioritize their produce shopping to minimize the risk of pesticide exposure. I know when I first started buying organic produce I used this list. It can be very overwhelming with all the marketing out there.  I like the way the EWG also puts out a list called the “Clean 15”.  This is a list of foods you do not need to buy organic as their pesticide residue is very low.

Please click here to check out the able mentioned EWG lists.

Click the link above to get the complete list.




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