I am a huge fan of ice cream. As a kid ice cream pie was always my birthday cake of choice. However the dairy now a days is not as friendly on my digestion tract as it use to be. Do not get me started on what has gone whacko with our dairy production in this world 🙂 My favorite ice cream was jamoca almond fudge from Baskins Robbins. Man oh man I loved that stuff.

Fast forward to today and my tastes have changed and I could not be happier. Today I love to whip up my own clean version of ice cream free of preservatives, dairy and sugar. Full disclosure I still love Enlightened Ice Cream. Check out my video review on this magic stuff here.  

Last night I made some Dairy Free Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream and it was yummy. I always taste test recipes with my neighbors. This was a hit however they all agreed that the ice cream did not need any chocolate on it. Mike loves chocolate so he enjoyed it. I was OK with it either way. I have made two batches of this recipe, one in the blendtec blender and the other in my food processor. They key is letting your frozen bananas sit for just a few minutes to thaw out, not much just about 5 minutes. I got this recipe from FMTV.  

PS It does take about 30 minutes to set up in the freezer. I scoop it out after I make it and put it in the dish I am going to serve it in then put it in the freezer. I have also topped this ice cream off with my grain free granola. Eating clean can be so much darn fun. Let me know if you try this.

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