Have you ever wondered what to do with those crunchy cucumbers you see so nicely wrapped pretty in the stores?  We use cucumbers all the time in our house. We juice them, throw them in salads, eat them plain and now my new thing is to make a sandwich out of them!!!  Seriously when you have to be gluten free you must be creative when you are craving some sort of sandwich.

Next time you have an extra cucumber laying around I want you to try this.  I know it looks hard to make but I promise it isnt. I made this one for Mike with roasted turkey breast and cream cheese. I have also mixed up my left over salmon in the food processor and used this as well. If you are a vegetarian you can stuff it with hummus or anything else you have on hand.

They are so easy to make. All you do is skin a cucumber. I prefer to use organic English cucumbers but you can use whatever you would like. I made mine fancy by peeling it creatively. Food taste better when it is pretty right? After you have peeled it just carefully slice it in half. Then take a spoon and just scoop out the middle. It comes out pretty easy so do not worry.

After you are peeled, halved and scooped out then just fill away. These are great options for brown bagging it at work or in your kids lunch boxes. 


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