There is no denying I love myself a good cup of Joe but there are times when I just do not need the extra caffeine pumping though my system. Last month Mike and I had the pleasure of visiting the Natural Expo West and we stumbled upon one of the most intriguing products that fits this need exactly. Its called Crio Bru. Crio Brü is 100%  pure cacao.  Yes I said it cacao,  which is also known as the cocoa bean.  Crio Brü will astound your taste buds with its complex chocolaty flavors and subtle aromas which come right from the cacao bean itself!

The added bonus to all of it is Crio Brü is 100% natural. It is rich in health benefits, such as antioxidants and minerals. It is low in calories and carbs, has zero fat, sugar, sodium and gluten.  Seriously, let your local coffee shop try and beat that!!!!

When I first brought my new treasured find home I brewed it the traditional way I do my normal coffee which is the pour over way but after further investigation and craving a richer taste I switched to using my stainless steel french press. I think what made the difference is the steeping time. It is suggested you let the bean stew around in some hot water before pouring it into your favorite mug.

I ordered the Ghana Roast French Roast and enjoyed it. Crio Bru offers a lot of different varieties this one just caught my eye because it is one of their richer roasts.

I still can’t get a handle on if I think it taste more like coffee or chocolate. Either way I am now hooked on this incredible delight and I am pretty sure you will like it as well. You can purchase Crio Bru directly from their site or through Amazon. 




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