If you liked them on Les Milles, you are going to LOVE them now! Joel and Jericho are teaming up to bring you the most innovative program yet! Core De Force is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workout designed to get you in the best shape of your life in 30 days. Click PLAY below and watch this preview!



If you have ever done Beachbody’s Combat, this may look familiar to you. It is a similar workout, but it is completely revamped. Core De Force is amped up, with high-speed moves, intense 3-minute interval training, and two awesome trainers to keep you pushing yourself through the entire workout. If you liked Les Milles Pump as much as I did, you’ll know that Beachbody and Les Milles parted ways a little bit ago. But Joel and Jericho stuck around, and BOY am I glad they did. These two trainers are no-nonsense and will help get you the results you have always dreamed of.

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What are the workouts like?

The program itself is 30 days. The workouts are 30-45 minutes long and are set up like HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with 3-minute rounds where you are expected to go as hard as you can. Nervous about getting the moves down? Don’t be. Joel and Jericho teach you the moves step by step before the 3 minutes of intense rounds start. In these rounds they have what Joel and Jericho refer to as “Spike Moves” which are designed to get your heart rate up for maximum fat loss.

What are the moves like?

The moves are explosive and high intensity, but that doesn’t mean high impact. Both Joel and Jericho say they try to avoid high-intensity workouts, as they can be hard on your joints. There are some high impact moves, but of course, there is a MODIFIER there that you can watch and follow if you want to avoid that completely. The best part about Core De Force’s modifier? She is a real Beachbody customer, working towards real goals, just like you and me. If Joel and Jericho’s chiseled bodies intimidate you, look for the modifier to remind you that just because you don’t have a six pack (yet), you can still do this workout and see MASSIVE results.

Do I need special equipment?

Nope! No equipment necessary. All you need is a TV/Computer to play your disks and enough space around you that you won’t be kicking over lamps and punching paintings off your walls! The workouts are designed to utilize your body weight which means no dumbbells necessary!

How much will it cost?

$59.85. You will get 4 MMA-styled workouts, 2 Body Weight Resistance workouts, and 2 stretching/recovery workouts. It is the ULTIMATE combination to shed fat and build muscle. And of course, every Beachbody product comes with a workout calendar, nutrition plan, and quick-start guide. You can’t beat that low price!

Am I fit enough to try this workout?

I don’t know you, but what I DO know is YOU ARE FIT ENOUGH FOR THIS WORKOUT. Core De Force is for everyone and anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level. Like I said, there is a modifier. So, if you find the moves to be too challenging, take it down a notch and focus on increasing your fitness capabilities. If you are already in amazing shape, this program is going to push you to a whole new level of fitness.

Lean Muscle 

If you want lean muscle, this program is for you. You will lose weight and put on lean muscle, leaving you with a fit and healthy body. If you want to put on size and increase the amount of muscle you have, you should try Body Beast or Hammer and Chisel. 

Weight Loss

This program is designed to help you lose weight. This type of conditioning is going to help you in all of your fitness goals. HIIT cardio is the best cardio you can do for fat loss. It gets your heart rate up and maximizes fat loss even after you have stopped working out.


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