This is one of my favorite 21 day fix vegetarian breakfast options.  One of the best things about doing the 21 day fix is it forces me to try new foods. As you all know I love to cook but I never would have thought of putting these ingredients together if it was not for the Ultimate Reset. Mike liked this dish but I got to be honest he did not like it as much as I did. His suggestion was to add a little honey for some texture. I actually really liked it and can see myself eating this one often. I think it would taste great with fresh organic berries as well. I think this is one recipe that the whole family could enjoy. I also think this is a good dish you could serve at a brunch. You could serve this hot or cold. Quinoa is so good for you and a wonderful source of protein, vitamin e and manganese. Cooking quinoa can sometimes be a tad tricky. I like to do it in my Instant Pot. Here is a great video that shows how to cook your quinoa without fail.

Coconut Quinoa

3/4 cups cooked Quinoa
2 tbsp. of coconut milk, warmed
1 tsp. pure maple syrup
1/4 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1 tbsp chopped raw nuts ( you could use walnuts or sliced almonds)
Combine Quinoa, coconut milk, and pure maple syrup in bowl and mixed well- top with pineapple and walnuts!

1 yellow ( or 1 Red if you are a vegetarian) 1 blue and 1 /2 purple if you are following the 21 day fix. I did not count the coconut milk or the maple syrup because it is under 3 TBSP. I would not have this every day of the week though, only special treat breakfast time 🙂

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