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Be honest, do you clean your cutting board? If yes do you do it as often as it might need? If no, you are among the average. It was not until a few years ago when I started to really get weird out by germs that I started making this process a ritual. I not only deep clean my cutting boards at least once a week I also buy new ones every 6-8 months. I know it might seem wasteful but I do SO MUCH cooking that they are worn out. ( Hello look at the one below- this is only 4 months old ) My favorite cutting board is made of bamboo. They are not cheap but as I said I am a weirdo about germs and they are said to be the easiest to resist germs.  In addition, bamboo is a 100% renewable resource and is harder and denser than most hardwoods which is why it resists those nasty germs so well.

Cleaning your cutting board naturally
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Cleaning your cutting board naturally is as simple as taking out some items you probably have in your home right now. These are the items I use to clean my cutting boards:

  • Lemon
  • Baking Soda
  • Course Pink Salt
  • White Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide


If I am just doing some basic slicing and dicing of veggies I do not go through a deep clean each time. After each use, I just run some hot water and a little tiny Castile Soap over it and wipe it down carefully till it is fully dried. I use to let it air dry but I now prefer to towel dry it each time. I think this is because I want to put it away right away lol, I can not stand a crowded kitchen. Never submerge your wooden cutting board in water, it will warp. Yep, I did it not once but “twice”.

Here is the step by step process on how to clean your cutting board naturally. I have two small spray bottles with the Hydrogen Peroxide in one and the White Vinegar in the other.

  • Rinse the cutting board with water
  • Spray the board completely with the white vinegar making sure to cover the entire board. Let it sit for two minutes
  • Spray the board completely with the hydrogen peroxide making sure to cover the entire board. Let it sit for two minutes then rinse it down
  • Dry the board and put it away

It is “VERY” important not to mix the two together in one bottle or apply them together at the same time.   I am not a scientist and I can not really tell you why but the lady at the kitchen store where I took a cooking class told me and so I am telling you 🙂 This whole process just takes a few minutes and gives you such a great piece of mind.

I use the bottles of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for lots of other things in the kitchen as well so keep them handy under the sink. Here are some handy tips for how to use vinegar and here are some for hydrogen peroxide

If your cutting board has some stains you want to get rid of just apply some coarse salt and rub a cut lemon over the salt. It is crazy how effective this technique is and it makes your board smell lovely.

Cleaning your cutting board naturally
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I know the above is not sexy and probably not one of the activities you can hardly wait to do each week but trust me it feels good when you know you are not slicing on a bed of germs. Once you do it regularly it becomes a habit. In addition, do not forget to replace your cutting boards every once in awhile. These boards take a beating in the kitchen and you can get some pretty cheap if you shop around. Costco has good deals on boards every once in awhile as well as Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The last thing you can do to help your cutting board live a happy and healthy life is apply some coconut oil on it after you have given it a good cleanse.Coconut oil will not only help the wood look better but it also will help keep it clean because of its antimicrobial properties.  Is there anything that you can not use coconut oil for lol?????????  PS: I think I need to give my cutting board a coconut oil bath ASAP. She is looking haggard.

“Happy Disinfecting.”



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