I wanted to share with you one of my favorite new treats. It is chocolate cashew butter. NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE before you get all excited I do need to tell you that this is not naturally sweet like that icky horrible bad for you nutella stuff. Cacao is packed with amazing antioxidants and really is great tasting but people often confuse it with cocoa. Here is a great article explaining the difference between the two. Your taste buds have a memory chip in them, ( LOL not really but they really do remember things) when you start to feed your body natural, whole foods it will adjust and soon start to crave it. If I eat regular chocolate now it is so dang rich I get a stomach ache.  Starting to bake with cacao took time but now it is the only thing I use. Give it a chance and if you need to go ahead and sweeten it up with some honey or 100% pure maple syrup while you get use to it.





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